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Imagine this...

"How would you like over a quarter of a million dollars a year in extra net income without having to increase your production workload? Here's a recipe that your practice could implement by adding a dental assisting school to your practice operations. It starts with...

One of your dental assistants teaching 4 classes a year for you. Each class of 15 students produces $87,450 in gross revenues x only 4 classes per year =$349,800, (with MCP you could hold up to 8 classes per year) during times that your practice is closed. With low overhead of less than 21%, you’ll enjoy a passive net income of $277,060 to enjoy more family vacations, pay off your mortgage, and start adding to your retirement nest egg. Your dental assistant instructor will enjoy a nice part time income of $12,000 to $15,000 in addition to their regular dental assistant salary.

Students will see the value of being taught to become a dental assistant in a real dental practice, with real dentists, real equipment, and real patients. They will thank you for saving them over $12,000 in tuition costs that other proprietary schools charge, and they’ll even graduate completely debt-free with our tuition financing programs. They’ll be referring other prospective students to your school and become school and practice ambassadors because you were able to provide them with a well-paying and gratifying career as a dental assistant in a short 13-weeks.


MCP has been providing bundled educational marketing, enrollment and curriculum services to public universities for over 12 years. This year, we’ve modeled our successful dental assisting program for practice-based schools.

Our partners have consistently brought in revenues that have made the program a success which often times, became the main revenue driver.

With a full and dedicated team of marketing and student recruitment experts, getting enrolled students has never been a problem. In fact, we provide enrollment training and assistance using our proprietary 3-Phase Recruitment Sales System designed to put 15 to 30 students in class each quarter and is closely aligned with our predictable dental assistant student marketing system.

And while we specialize in dentistry education, we have also been contracted as enrollment partners to drive recruitment efforts to well-known brands such as Disney Culinary and the world’s largest online cooking school-Rouxbe.com.

Universities such as The University of Texas, University of Florida, University of Kansas Medical Center, University of California and others, have utilized MCP’s curriculums and student marketing services to host successful career training programs. You can rest assured that if these large and well-known institutions have the fullest confidence in MCP to provide quality training programs and drive enrollments, your dental practice’s dental assisting school will also be in good hands.

Sample MCP-driven program with a major university system.