Improve your recruitment process to increase enrollments and reduce costs with our contact center services.

Budgets are tight and the higher education landscape is more competitive than ever, making it critical to streamline the enrollment process. Our high-touch enrollment services help get more qualified students through the door by: 

  • Capitalizing on and aligning with your marketing and lead generation efforts 

  • Following up promptly with interested students through outbound programs 

  • Providing accurate, clear information throughout the enrollment process 

  • Managing the daily influx of prospective and current student inquiries 

  • Managing the entire enrollment process-from start to class

  • Closing on enrollment sales

Drive revenue without adding headcount
By extending your school or institutions’ resources to improve the frequency and quality of student engagement, our services help boost enrollment across the entire student lifecycle, allowing institutions and schools alike to be positioned to cost-effectively manage growth, without the need to hire and train additional staff. It allows dental offices with dental assisting schools to keep doing what they best -practice dentistry without patient or staff interruptions.

Contact prospective students and drive revenue without burdening your school or institution’s in-house staff

We offer simple inquiry verification all the way through to enrollment processing

Through our inbound, outbound, blended and chat solutions, we work to meet the highest level of expectations. Our contact centers:

  • Lower the cost per inquiry

  • Improve conversion rates

  • Increase enrollment

  • Vastly improve overall productivity 

Our Contact Center Service Offerings

1. Inquiry Verification – Outbound in 3 Easy Steps

  • Take inquiries from any source and reach out through our contact center to qualify, screen and/or start the application process with students.

  • Include contact center inquiry scoring or algorithmic value scoring.

  • Save time and money by allowing admissions teams to do what they do best—speak with highly qualified prospects.

  • We create a call plan to introduce each school or institution, qualify prospects, and pass on only the best inquiries to enrollment teams for follow-up.

2. Enrollment Initiation – Outbound or Inbound
For any school or institution that needs help further up the value chain, we can communicate the your value propositions (the pitch) to inquiries or verified inquiries. This progresses directly into the enrollment starting/processing step. 

3. Enrollment Processing
Outbound or Inbound: We provide application document verification, tuition assistance or financial aid verification, student orientation, and all additional steps required, from receipt of application to students’ enrollment into classes.