All new new prospective partners and staff who will manage the school are provided with a live webinar school business training even before committing to owning a school. During this training, you will receive everything you need to build your school ownership confidence and equip you with the knowledge to successfully operate your school to help you decide if owning a school is right for you.

Training topics include:

  • Business Operations and Financials

  • Industry knowledge

  • Marketing Training

  • Enrollment sales Training

  • Marketing Training

After the Initial Training, our partners can become members to our dental online training courses at no charge. Our webinar format training format allows you to minimize your traveling time and provides a better environment for absorbing information. Schedule a live talk session to find out the specifics of our next training session. There’s never any cost whether you partner with us or not. Future trainings can even help bring in more patients through digital marketing and include trainings by experts in social media blueprint training, website optimization, SEO, local marketing, content marketing, website optimization and others. All courses include free customizable templates with instructions for use.

We are your source for free practice and school marketing and management training.