You may be wondering if owning a dental assisting school would be a good opportunity for your dental practice.

With good reason, you may be concerned that that no one in your office is skilled or experienced enough at the various digital marketing channels to generate consistent revenue-generating student leads, or to make head or tales of important marketing analytics, or even know to manage the school’s social media ads on an on-going basis.

The operational aspects of managing and growing a campus can also become a daunting task and would require an experienced vocational school company there to assure everything goes according to plan.

Then, there’s the issue of the best way to handle the admissions process to assure 12 to 15 students per class to become very profitable.

We also know that you are cautious (and you should be) about investing from $10,000 up to $20,000 for other “out of the box” dental assisting school packages with limited support and where you and your staff are expected to do everything, even without experience or proper training.

When working with MCP, your investment is minimal - just the cost of having our high-level experienced compliance team prepare and deliver the often complex and time-consuming career school licensing documents.

With MCP, you can expect to be very profitable from the beginning because not only does MCP provide you with over 15 years’ experience in running and growing every aspect of vocational schools, we also seamlessly handle and manage everything for your school to launch and start enrolling students so you don’t have to on a continuous basis. We provide the proper campus operations, admissions and enrollment services to get you and your school up and running seamlessly - We are totally hands-on and turnkey!

I was hesitant about starting a dental assisting school in the beginning, even with the low investment requirements. But after researching what was available out there, and the growing confidence in MCP after having spoken with the CEO Julian, I went ahead and partnered with MCP and am glad I did. MCP has been a real asset in forming and running OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy of Seattle. Julian and his team have been a tremendous help with the school license application process and marketing for a steady stream of new students. He has helped make our school a big success! We are graduating our first ever dental assisting class next week (June 24th)! His marketing team has already almost filled the August class and we still have two months of marketing left for our 15 students and only 6 seats left. Passive income in the bank and lots of well-trained candidates to staff the team of assistants for area dental offices.
— Dr. Van H. Vuong, DDS.

Don’t Own a Practice or Are Retired from Dentistry, But Would Like Help Repaying Dental School Loans, Earning Money to Buy a Practice, or Earn a Great Passive Retirement Income?

There are many dentists who would gladly lease out space to another dentist interested in running a dental assisting school during non-patient hours. Both dentists benefit; the new dentist benefits from earning an extra six-figure passive income with little to no commitment towards running the school. The dental practice owner receives a monthly income for leasing their office when it’s closed to help offset lease and other practice expenses. They also earn 10% of the net revenues from your school.

Need Help Locating a Dental Office to Lease for a School?


Complete school operations management including call center, admissions and enrollment management, student records, externship placement, annual state reporting compliance management, tuition funding management, orientation sessions, administrative campus management, manage school growth, training of instructors, school book store set up with our publisher partner, new program launch, curriculum development, on-going campus and instructor support, and strategic growth planning, student follow, externship site contracting, student support, career & placement services, marketing oversight, and much more…


Once we have your school licensed and up and running, you can utilize your license to open up additional branch campuses owned and school expenses paid by other dentists in their facilities, and receive 10% to 30% of revenues and MCP brings the dentists on board. Once again, MCP handles all school operations for your new branch campus so you can focus on practicing dentistry.