You may be wondering if owning a dental assisting school would be a good opportunity for your dental practice.

With good reason, you may be concerned that that no one in your office is skilled or experienced enough at the various digital marketing channels to generate consistent revenue-generating student leads, or to make head or tales of important marketing analytics, or even know to manage the school’s social media ads on an on-going basis. The operational aspects of managing and growing a campus can also become a daunting task and would require an experienced vocational school company there to assure everything goes according to plan.

Then, there’s the issue of the best way to sell enrollments to assure 12 to 15 students per class to become very profitable.

We also know that you are cautious (and you should be) about investing from $10,000 up to $20,000 for other “out of the box” dental assisting school packages with limited support and where you and your staff are expected to do everything, even without experience or proper training.

When working with MCP, your investment is minimal (a fraction of what other competitors charge) to start an MCP Partnered School. You can however, expect to be very profitable from the beginning because not only does MCP provide you with its over 15 years’ experience in running and growing every aspect of vocational schools, we also seamlessly handle and manage everything for your school to launch and start enrolling students so you don’t have to. We then provide the proper campus operations, admissions and enrollment training to get you and your staff up to speed.

Are you and your staff too busy to manage the school, but would like to profit from $30,000 in your pocket 4x per year in passive income without doing anything?

Prefer to have us manage and grow your school(s) for you?

MCP has an optional Joint-venture program for dentists in certain states. After school licensing, MCP will provide the following:

  • Complete school operations management including call center, admissions and enrollment management, student records, externship placement, annual state reporting, tuition funding management, hold orientation sessions, administrative campus management, issue Certificates of Completion, hold graduation ceremonies, manage school growth.

  • Complete marketing functions management

  • MCP will invest 50% share of all school expenses and share 50% share and you’ll still profit from a six-figure passive income


MCP gives you the choice of two programs: 100% revenues and you and your staff manage operations with MCP support after state licensing, or the 50/50 joint venture option describe above for very busy dentists.