MCP provides customized digital marketing solutions to make sure your school reaches the right students.

We know higher education. Even better, we really know dental assisting education-from the curriculum side to the marketing, recruitment, and enrollment side. We have perfected the exact student demographics and personas for our courses, and know the right kinds of marketing messages that gets responses to create above average lead generation and enrollment results. This is huge because it doesn’t matter how stellar a curriculum is…without the right kinds of enrollment numbers, what does it matter?

We’ve been the leading provider of digital marketing and enrollment solutions to the higher education market for over 14 years - from the largest public flagship institutions to medium-seized and small proprietary schools. Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the challenges facing many schools today when it comes to filling class seats to produce a steady stream of growing revenues. To assure a performance at each stage of the enrollment cycle, we’ll provide you with 3 distinct and aligned funnel systems to ensure consistent enrollments.

We provide:

  • A proven customized predictable inbound and outbound marketing campaign with collaterals aimed at very specific market segments designed to generate consistent leads from our actionable content, visual ad design, and messages that flows into the enrollment phase.

  • Our 3-phase enrollment process training for your staff will create school and program value, create urgency to enroll, make buying decisions easier, and get students committed to enroll.

  • The student services which MCP helps provide, will create brand ambassadors for your school resulting in new enrollments from hot lead referrals, and create the kinds of program and practice value that will yield maximum practice transition prices years from now.

Everything you need to get students

One thing that is unique about our proprietary predictable marketing system - it’s a combination of both talent & technology. This means, you not only get the best marketing engagement you need to fill class seats and grow your dental assisting school, but you also get a dedicated marketing team who does everything for you. This allows you to focus on running your practice while we focus on driving student enrollments to your school and enjoying great net passive income.



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