MCP School Marketing Combination Package


Our marketing partners are high-level experts and offer an inclusive dental assisting monthly marketing program for a low monthly marketing budget of $2,500. Includes all ad costs and every service in both the Digital Marketing & Social Media + SEO Professional packages to drive max enrollments and revenues.

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Scope of Services


  • Both the Google and Facebook digital advertising campaigns will be set up using ad formats specifically designed for your local school business to generate incoming phone calls. When we analyze the conversions from inquiry to enrollment, we find that telephone calls convert at 3 times higher than website / landing page inquiries.


  • We will target local prospective students actively searching on Google each month for your dental assisting program. Google holds 88% to 94% market share for searches on desktop and mobile devices. 

  • The Google Adwords account will be set up in your name so you have full visibility of the campaigns. Locally targeted Google Search ad campaigns will be set up using tried and tested techniques. We continually monitor and optimize campaigns to generate the best quality leads at the lowest cost. New campaigns can be generated as and when needed. 

  • Google + posts


  • We will target local people using highly relevant audiences on Facebook - 96% of adults who are online use Facebook.

  • Like the Google Adwords Account, we will also set up a Facebook Ads account. Using innovative targeting tactics and ad formats, locally targeted campaigns will be set up for each new class that you want more students for.


  • Optimized landing pages for each class will be created using design and copy techniques that are proven to lead to conversions.

  • New landing pages can be created whenever you have a new class or open house you wish to focus on.


  • As experienced digital marketers for the vocational school industry, we can help you calculate your optimum budgets for your digital advertising campaigns. The minimum budget is $1 per day on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Most clients have budgets in the region of $25 a day. The average cost per student inquiry is $25 . While we take care of the campaigns and manage them so you don't have to, your budget also pays for the advertising costs directly to Google and Facebook, and your advertising budget can be increased at any time once you add other programs for even more growth and profitability.


  • We will write a weekly blog post and add it to your website blog. We will create a blog for you if you do not have one.

  • The blog posts are a 100% unique 100-200 word summary of a current dental news article that is relevant for students. 


We will perform the following local SEO tasks:

  • Optimize your Google My Business listing. We will create a Google My Business listing if needed.

  • Create citation links to further optimize your local SEO.

  • Create a Google Review link for you and provide an email template for you to send to patients.

  • Optimize your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across the web.


Build a School FaceBook Page

Verify your Facebook Page

We will add weekly Facebook posts, Twitter posts, and Instagram posts. If you do not have these social media accounts, we will create them for you.

The posts will be the shared blog post. We will create campaigns to boost them to your website visitors, Facebook Page followers, and the friends of your Facebook Page followers.

These boosted posts often get high levels of engagement for a low cost. 


  • We will perform a monthly User Experience analysis of your entire school website pages and provide design updates and recommendations.


  • We will create backlinks to your website each month = 20 links


  • We will perform best practice technical SEO of your website to help improve your search engine rankings.

  • SSL

  • Canonical tags

  • Meta descriptions and page titles

  • Page speed

  • 5xx errors

  • 4xx status

  • Redirect to 4xx

  • Meta Noindex

  • X-Robots Nofollow

  • Meta Nofollow

  • X-Robots Noindex

  • Temporary Redirect

  • Redirect Chain

  • Meta Refresh


  • We will perform best practice on-page SEO of your website to help improve your search engine rankings.

  • Keywords in Image Alt Tags

  • Keywords in H1 Tags

  • Duplicate Titles

  • Keywords in URLs

  • Duplicate Content

  • Thin Content

  • Missing H Tags

  • Exact Keyword Used

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing

  • Minimize URL Length


  • We will provide regular reports = weekly and monthly reports