“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln


Many schools and public institutions, both large and small, operate without a formal marketing plan in place. With so many businesses clearly doing well without a marketing plan in place, what’s the point?

You may be an existing school that purchased a $10,000 curriculum and basic marketing packet loaded with outbound marketing strategies. To be the bearer of bad news, we’re here to tell you that kind of basic marketing ( spend $500 per month and mail postcards, send flyers, make calls, etc.) does not work very well-not in today’s inbound and digitally focused student market. A facebook page is just a facebook page and what you do with it on a consistent basis makes all the difference in the world whether you enroll 6 students every quarter or 30. Your school business provides an intangible educational services to potential student buyers that have to go through distinct decision-making metrics which you have to uncover as part of getting them to enroll. How will you and your staff make time to not only run a successful dental practice focusing on patients and operations, but also handle incoming student calls, manage marketing and enrollments, then run classes in order to produce a highly profitable school? How effective you are in marketing your school hinges on how well you plan and implement a marketing strategy.

In order to effectively market your school, you must understand who you need to market to and how to do so. A marketing plan provides a clear path that can be followed, easily duplicated, and measured.