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Master License Dentist

A Master License Dentist works much like being a Master Franchisor where you own the main school campus license for an entire region rather than the territory around your immediate campus. As a Master License Dentist you have the opportunity to have from 5 and up to 10 dentists to operate a branch campus under your school license. This is ideal for the following situations:

  1. Master License Dentist can build additional campuses without incurring any investment through a State License hare program. This allows MCP to launch additional campuses on your behalf in partnership with other dentists in a fraction of the time that it normally takes to obtain a new school license from the state allowing you to grow at a fast pace. MCP still handles all the regulatory, campus management and marketing and admissions aspects. Ideal for the entrepreneurial-minded dentist who wants to build a portfolio of schools. Only one Master License Dentist per 200-mile region. Master license dentists receive 10% of the net revenues from each Branch Campus Owner.
  2. Branch Campus Owners can be up and running a dental assisting school under the existing school license of a Master License Dentist very quickly. This is because the main campus already has a school license and approved curriculums in place allowing you to be up and running in a short amount of time. This is ideal for dentists who are within the 200-mile geographic region of a main campus do not want to go through the long and complex process of obtaining a school license. Branch campus owners earn 70% of all net revenues as part of the partnership, and has the same MCP services as a Master License Dentist. You may own more than one Branch Campus.

Fast Growth

Within year, a Master License Dentist can easily have 11 schools (1 main campus and up to 10 max branch campuses) operating and earning top revenues (over $250,000) with no added overhead or marketing expense over their main campus. Branch campus owners operating under your license take care of their campus’ operating and marketing costs.

Complete Management

Master License Dentists and Branch Campus Owners benefit from MCP’s bundled campus services - campus management services including curriculums at no cost, instructor training and support, student support services, complete marketing oversight, admissions services, and annual compliance reporting to state boards.

Cross Ownership Opportunities

Master License Dentists who show success with their main campus and the oversight of their branch campuses, may be offered the opportunity to own additional main and branch campuses in bordering states dependent on regional availability.