Medical Curriculum Partners, a dental assisting charter school co-owned by a licensed dentist and co-venturing with other licensed dentists, is seeking fully furnished office space (office and all dental equipment) for dentistry practice, to develop and operate its own corporate-owned, state-licensed dental assisting schools at your location. Willing to share in school and practice profits with favorable lease terms.

If you're a dentist and would like to sub-lease your practice office space during non-patient hours, MCP pays a monthly lease and a per-student fee which will generate thousands per year in completely passive income to you and help keep your practice earning money when the practice is closed for patient business. We provide and add the practice to our $1 million per incident, and $5 million aggregate liability insurance policy.

We can also hire and pay one of your existing assistants and/or hygienists to teach and manage our 13-week classes at $50 per hour during their off-work time. Hours would be Saturdays (8am-3pm) and/or evenings (6:30pm-9:30 pm) every 13 weeks.

If you’re thinking about selling your practice, we have licensed dentists looking for a practice to take over, and we would be interested in speaking with you before you hand over 10% to 12% of your hard earned money from the sale proceeds to a business broker or a practice transition consultant (same thing).

Seeking locations mainly in the following States:





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