Our proprietary 3-phase Inbound Enrollment Sales process focuses on the individual student buyer’s goals, pains, needs, frustrations, and challenges.  It guides the student through the buying process helping them understand their pains, prove value in their education investment, gives them access to available options, and provides ample information and guidance to make a sound decision.


Dental Assisting School Student Recruitment Experts.


Narrowing down who is ready to buy into your school and program(s) allows your staff to spend their time focused on individuals that are engaged and ready to have a conversation with them.  


Rather than the traditional cold outreach via email and phone with the same generic pitch, our inbound salesperson engages with the buyer using messages that are personalized to them based on their interests, challenges, career interests, and current job role.


    Blogging is the single best way to attract new visitors to your website. Creation of content that educates students during the buying journey will answer their questions and establish you as an expert in your industry.


    Enrollment staff team members generate a defined sequence of connections for each buyer persona based on their preferred mode of communication (email or phone call). Then, we establish how many attempts will be made to connect with them for the upcoming class.


    We flesh out the content of each email or phone call in our system sequence. We’ll structure this content to educate the student through the Buyer’s Journey rather than through a barrage of unwanted sales-laden messages.


During this discovery stage, we’ve now entered into a conversation with the student prospect.  Our goal here is to listen and educate while laying out the framework for an enrollment sale.

  • Learn about their challenges and goals.

  • Teach them how your school and program can help them overcome their challenges and accomplish their career goals.

  • Ask about their budget so we can understand the resources they can devote toward achieving their educational goals and offer them options your school has available.


Acting as advisors rather than the stereotypical proprietary school salespersons will make the buyer feel like they are in control of the process. We are simply helping them uncover all the necessary information for making a sound enrollment purchasing decision.

  • Continue to recap what has been covered, their challenges and goals, and how your school is the ideal solution they are looking for.

  • Put together a presentation customized to the buyer that outlines everything we’ve discussed along with the solutions that your school can provide.

  • Discuss their timelines, budget, and process for making a final decision. Are they looking to get started right away? Do they need to present our proposed solution to a spouse or parent? We confirm these items early in the initial contact process so we can confidently project their likelihood of closing into an enrolled student and uncover any objections long before they surfaced.

Dental Assisting School Student Recruitment Experts.

Enrollment dedicated staff needs to focus their time concentrated on active buyers rather than chasing everyone at the same time-in particular those student prospects who are not ready to make a decision or are not serious about a career change. Our system is very adept at weeding out tire kickers. For student prospects we feel are buyers, we take the enrollment process to the next level.

  • Focusing on Buyer Personas provides insight to what the student prospect;’s specific interests are rather than approaching all buyers with the same “pitch”.

  • Our system uses an established sequence of events that is scalable and will save time, energy, and yield higher conversion rates.

  • Educating the student prospect will build credibility and trust allowing opportunities to learn more about the buyer’s challenges and goals.

  • In-depth knowledge of the student prospects specific challenges and goals will allow customization of a solution that is perfect for them.

  • Establishing budgets, timelines, and the authority to make the final decision leads to accurate enrollment sales projections and higher close rate.

  • Acting as an advisor rather than a salesperson will position your school as the industry experts that helped them solve their challenge.

  • Leverage the rapport built during the initial sales cycle to create a seamless enrollment transaction without any buyer remorse.


If you’re not an MCP Partner School, then this section is for you. Every sales team and selling process is going to be different at every school, especially if it is a public institutional or other vocational school not in the MCP partner school program. If that’s the case, our core services can be configured into a solution that will give your school’s recruitment and enrollment sales team the tools, resources, know-how, and accountability to thrive with Inbound Student Sales.  

  • CRM configuration and training

  • Sales collateral creation for marketing integration (design + copy creation)

  • MCP Predictable Enrollment Sales System implementation, and training

  • Enrollment sales email templates

  • Customized student prospect giveaways

  • Online or in-house training

  • Ongoing sales coaching

  • Integration of CRM with existing systems

  • Buyer persona research and creation

Dental Assisting School Student Recruitment Experts.